Association of enterprises of furniture and woodworking industry of Belarus was registered on 27 Jan 2016 at the Main justice Department of Minsk city Executive Committee.

The subject of activity of the Association is to unite its members to coordinate their activities, representation and protection of legitimate rights and interests of the members of the Association aimed at promoting sustainable development of economy of the Republic of Belarus, enforcement of social and economic development of the country.
The Chairman of the Board Valery Bushilo

Board Members:
- Lyudmila Syrnikova
- Alexander Francov
- Konstantin Dragun
- Ruzhena Novitskaya

Our contacts:
+375 33 33 705 13. Tel/Fax: +375 17 327 03 62
Urates: Belarus, Minsk, 220079, Kalvariyskaya str., 33, room 148.
Postal address: Minsk, 220030, K. Marx str., 16, K. 204
info@wfa.by, afwe_bel@mail.ru
Minsk, 220079
street. Kalvariyskaya, 33, k.148
Tel. / Fax: +375 17 327 03 62
E-mail: info@wfa.by