OJSC "Abrasivhimsbyt"

OJSC "Abrasivhimsbyt" Open joint-stock company "Abrasivhimsbyt"
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OJSC "Abrasivhimsbyt" Open joint-stock company "Abrasivhimsbyt"
The company is the largest supplier and the only official dealer in the Republic of Belarus a number of manufacturers of abrasive and paint products, chemical raw materials.

Today OJSC "Abrasivhimsbyt" is a team of associates and experts, a number of which is constantly held internships at the European and Russian partners.

The company has its own paint lab, which provided the individual selection and adjustment of colors (stains) the widest choice of colors, made from all types of dyes (organic solvents and water-based), enamels with coloring according to RAL or MONICOLOR, test paint samples with different types of finishes, carrying out technological tests for compatibility of coatings in order to improve their physico-mechanical properties.


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